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You Don't Want Your Copy to Just Sound Good...You Want it To Drive Action

I'm Lisa, and I can help you convert more readers with copy that captures and keeps attention

You know the value your product or service provides your prospects, but they don't...yet.

And simply sending them to your home page with an explanation of your offer will not get you the results you want. 

What will get you results?

Customer-focused conversion copy that moves them from where they are now to where you want them to be. (<- a loyal, happy customer with wallets ready)  

And you're in the right place to get it.

The Best Copy for Your Business

"Don’t let Lisa’s quiet nature fool you. While hustlers are shouting from the rooftops, Lisa is actually at her desk writing some of the best copy I’ve ever read. She’s a calm, dependable copywriting talent for businesses that want substance, that want results and that want copy their competitors will envy, their customers will adore and their accountants will high-five each other about. Hire her."  

Joanna Wiebe, Cofounder of Copy Hackers and Airstory

Get your conversion copy so you can capture and keep the attention of your readers  

Trying to be all things to all people with your copy?

The first step in the conversion copy process is to understand your audience. This happens through research, surveys and talking with your prospects and customers. If you don't know what they want, then you can't get through to them.  

Telling them what they should want doesn't work.  

What does work is understanding the outcome they desire. They don't want accounting software...they want time or a sense of control. They don't want to lose weight...they want to feel attractive or worthy.  

I can create copy that connects your offer to their specific desires. So they get excited about what their futures selves look like with you in it.  

Customer Driven Copy For Your Business  

"As founders of a small SAAS startup, we are required to wear many hats. We quickly realized that copy was not one of our strengths and we desperately needed a conversion copywriter to help us out. Fortunately for us, we found Lisa through  

We initially hired Lisa to write an email onboarding sequence for our free trial.  

She absolutely nailed it!  

Every email was one that we knew would resonate with our potential customers. We were so happy that we decided to have her update our web copy and help us create copy for Facebook ads. Again she nailed it!  

Lisa is proactive and independent. We were a little unclear as to how much she would rely on us to educate her on our product and our customers, but to our surprise (and relief) she spent very little time quizzing us and instead set out on her own to research and dig up as much as she could. With our permission, she even Interviewed several of our customers and spent time researching our competitors.

With very little guidance she was able to narrow in on the true pain our customers feel and craft into words how our product solves this problem.  

Lisa is a truly talented writer and a pleasure to work with. She is extremely organized, respectful of your time, and always meets a deadline. We look forward to working with her again on future projects."  

Scottie and Brian Elliott - Co-Founders of Gather

Where does conversion copy work?

  • Emails Email is crucial, and when done right the average ROI is $38 for every $1 spent 
  • Sales pages Whether you're launching a course, or you want to sell your product or service, a sales page can do the heavy lifting of moving your customer to a higher stage of awareness - and make the sale  
  • Ads You need to grab attention if they're going to click. And you must message match on your landing page if you don't want your ad spend going down the drain. (You're not sending them to your home page are you?)  
  • Landing pages Targeted landing pages can drastically improve your business by speaking directly to your specific audience. They'll have no choice but to click with your compelling call-to-action.  
  • Video Scripts Persuasive sales videos are powerful in connecting with your prospects and customers - let them see you in the best light  
  • Client Success Stories Show your prospects how you've transformed the life of one of your customers - they'll want it too 
  • Website Make your message clear. If you don't know your value, then how can you expect it of your visitors?  

Powerful Copy for Your Business  

"I cannot state with enough conviction how integral Lisa’s leadership and direction was to the successful launch of our new service.  

I would hate to think that I would have risked the outcome or not done everything possible to give our team the advantage.  

Lisa is that advantage, thoughtful, experienced and very good at what she does!  

If you are reading this, then you are more than likely evaluating your own needs to whatever pursuit lay ahead and wondering if you need a consultant and powerful copywriter. I am a direct beneficiary of Lisa’s guidance and skill set. Lisa is worth so much more than her fee reflects, truly. I will work with Lisa again and consider it a privilege to do so."  

Geoffrey X Lane

If your current copy is only words on a page, you're wasting valuable digital real estate and leaving money on the table

It's time to get your copy working for you.  

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Copy that explains your offer is just taking up space. Get copy that connects to your reader's pains and desires to drive the action you want.

But before you go, let me introduce myself

I'm Lisa Pierson, The Conversion Copywriter - a copywriter certified in conversion copy and ready to partner with you.  

Let's get your copy - your online salesperson - working for you.  

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