Full or partial funnel copy to nurture, launch and sell

Make sure every part of your funnel is moving leads closer to YES

If your ads, emails, landing pages or sales pages aren’t delivering the results you need, let’s talk.

Launch copy that gets results

There’s so much copy needed for a successful launch. And not just any copy, but copy that actually gets people excited about your offer. I know my business inside and out, but it’s frustrating for me that I can’t express what I’m trying to say. But Lisa can, and she does! Since working with Lisa we’ve been thrilled with the copy and the results it’s getting for our launch.

Julie Hill

Every piece of your funnel is a fresh opportunity to connect with your people…

… the people who are your ideal clients and customers. The ones just waiting for you to solve their biggest problems or help them reach their deepest desires.

Every ad they spot while scrolling through their social feed, every email that gets an open, every landing page they find themselves on…

… All of that needs to speak to them. To help them get to know you and to trust you. So they feel excited about choosing you over your competitors.

My process will make sure we’re saying the right thing at the right time, with each part of your funnel getting your best prospects primed to say yes.

But how do you know it’s the right time for you?

My clients usually come to me because: 

  • They’re too busy running their business or developing their course to even think about the strategy and copy.

  • They have a list that’s lying stagnant and they need an email copywriter to bring to life.

  • They don’t know what they need, what they don’t need or how it all works together.

  • They want to build awareness about their product or service

  •  They want to capture more leads and to nurture them

  • They don’t know how to increase online sale

Having a great product or service is only part of the equation.

You also need strategic conversion copy if you want people to connect and buy from you.

It only takes a few minutes of scrolling through your feed or browsing online to see the sheer volume of messages out there.

Buy this! On sale! This course will change your life! Trust me!

That’s why strategic messaging for each piece of your funnel is crucial.

People need more than empty promises and deep discounts to trust you with their email address and their money.

They need to see their future – their significantly improved future – if you really want to connect and convert.

That’s why I start every engagement with research and discovery
before the writing starts. To dig in and understand what your prospects
are dreaming of and how you can help them make those dreams come true.

So, if we’re going to work together on pieces of your funnel copy, this is what you can expect:

Your funnel copy starts with research that includes most or all of the following:

  • A discovery questionnaire

  • A detailed intake call (or two, maybe three)

  • Interviews with up to 4 customers/clients,

  • Surveys (I’ll write it!)

  • A review of your current messaging

  • Competitor audits/evaluations of voice, positioning & reviews

  • Market and industry analysis

  • Review, forum and comment mining)

After the research and discovery phase comes the analysis. Then I’ll:

  • Recommend the approach to take with your project

  • Provide funnel maps where appropriate

  • Once we agree on the direction, I’ll start writing/editing/wire-framing each project comes with a revisions period, which is typically 2 weeks.

  • When the copy is ready, we’ll get on a call to review everything together

What kind of funnel do you need help with?

Need a webinar sequence, copy for a 5-day challenge, standalone email sequence or something else? Let’s chat, and I can customize a conversion funnel package for you. Here’s some of what I can do for you: