You know you need to do SOMETHING to build your business. 

You just don’t know what pieces you need and how to get there. Or how to focus your marketing into a strategic and deliberate plan. 

You’ve got a great business or an idea for one…  

…but your marketing strategy is a little limp.  

Or even non-existent.  

You know you need to do something.  

But you’re overwhelmed by all of the choices:

  • Hire a consultant. They’ll come up with some fresh ideas. And then give you a sky-high list of marketing tactics for you to execute. (You should be able to implement everything within a couple of years)  
  • Work with an agency. It’s expensive, but they’ve got all the bells and whistles. (You’re not sure what the bells and whistles are for, but it sounds good)  
  • Find a $20/hour freelance writer. It’s just words, and words are cheap. (You’d do it yourself, but you just don’t have the time - especially when you use that time to stare at a mocking blinking cursor)  
  • Invest in an SEO expert. You just need eyeballs on your website – and the rest will take care of itself. (The web is full of engaged and focused people who are actively searching for your offer. Right?) So, you don’t make a choice. You just ignore it. What you really want is a step-by-step plan that will help you go from here (Overwhelmville) to there (Ka-ching Kingdom $$$$). What you want is a structured roadmap to know exactly what to tackle first (to maximize your marketing dollars) and what can be put off for later. So how do you get an organized and strategic plan, when your to-do list is growing by the day - and you can’t even carve out an hour of quiet to focus?  


Introducing Project Roadmapping 

It’s a detailed plan that will help you determine your marketing priorities and provide direction for your efforts. So you’re not spinning your wheels on projects that provide no ROI

Because you’ve got so many questions.  

Should you start with a lead magnet or are you better off with a high-converting landing page for your ads? Maybe you need to grow your email list or nurture relationships with your prospects and customers?  

And how much will all of this cost? (<-<- the buck stops with you after all)  

Project roadmapping will help you answer these questions. It’ll provide options, and give you clear direction and action steps. It will help you decide what will provide the best ROI.

Schedule your project roadmapping session now to get clear on your marketing and copywriting priorities. 

Banish the chaos. And bring on the smooth sailing. 

"I cannot state with enough conviction how integral Lisa’s leadership and direction was to the successful launch of our new service. If you are reading this, then you are more than likely evaluating your own needs to whatever pursuit lay ahead and wondering if you need a consultant and powerful copywriter. I am a direct beneficiary of Lisa’s guidance and skill set. Lisa is worth so much more than her fee reflects, truly. I will work with Lisa again and consider it a privilege to do so." Geoffrey X. Lane  

The unknown, is so...unknown

Find out what your options are. Before committing to a project and a large ($$$$$) contract.

It can be scary.  

Not scary as in monsters, snakes or leaving the house without your phone.  

But scary as in “I just want my business to succeed. I don’t know who I can trust - and if they can help me the way they say they can.”  

This is the beauty of project roadmapping.  

You make a small commitment.  

And walk away with a structured plan that explains your options and what kind of outcomes you can expect.  

Let me show you how the project roadmapping process works:  

  • You book a time and pay for your session.  
  • We’ll have an initial 15-30 minute call on Zoom conferencing. I’ll send you the link and you can connect through your computer or phone - I’ll record it so neither of us have to take notes.  
  • During this call, I’ll ask you questions about your business, sales, goals, ideas and customers. I’ll also ask you to send me links or documents to your current copy (if you’ve got it), and any other relevant information.  
  • After our call, I’ll send you a questionnaire to answer. We will then schedule another call - about an hour - to go over everything and fill in any blanks.  
  • Then I get to work on your project roadmap, and send it to you within 5 business days.  

And the best part?  

If you decide to hire me to implement your project, I apply the cost of roadmapping as a credit to the project cost.  

And if you decide not to hire me?  

Then you’ve got a detailed strategy of what marketing and copywriting pieces you need - and what you should focus on first.  

Whichever you choose, you get the direction and guidance you crave without the nail-biting commitment.  

The cost for your project roadmapping is $497 USD. And remember, if you decide to go forward on the project with me, I’ll apply the fee to the project cost.  

Get the clarity you need to decide on where to focus your efforts. Order your project roadmapping engagement now. 

If none of the times in the schedule work for you, please send me an email ( with your preferred time.