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Does the copy for your sales page, email sequence or website keep getting put off because of competing priorities?

Get your sales copy in one day

You’re out of time. Every minute of your day is accounted for. Somehow — and you’re not quite sure how — new things are constantly showing up on your (already packed) calendar.

The copy you planned for your landing page, or your welcome sequence or your home page just keeps getting pushed to tomorrow, then the next day, and so on. Or you’ve got some copy, but it’s perfunctory and doesn’t sound like you.

So, now it’s crunch time and if you don’t get that copy written or improved, it’s going to result in a domino effect of consequences: delays to your launch, sales that get stalled, lost leads… and stress. A whole lotta stress – especially if you’ve tried copywriting sales pages yourself.

Let me help you, my friend.

I can make your life significantly better in just one day

Imagine this:

  • The sales page that’s started, but needs to get finished… or,

  • The email nurture or sales sequence that’s a task on your ever-growing to-do list… or,

  • The home page for your website that’s littered with lorem ipsum…

Now imagine that it’s done! And not just done, but persuasive and primed for sales.

You may be wondering…

But, Lisa, how much can you realistically get done in a day?

I can typically accomplish one of the following in a day:

    • A lead generation landing page + 3 emails from scratch
    • Revise and optimize a long-form sales page that’s written or partially written (you’d need two days for a sales page from scratch)
    • A website home page from scratch
    • 2-3 web pages revised and optimized
    • 5 to 7 emails from scratch – whether it’s a welcome or sales sequence (or other email sequence)
    • Optimize up to 10 emails that are already written
    • A marketing piece that’s mostly complete but needs some sales copywriting expertise

These are all estimates. What I can accomplish in a day will depend on various factors such as the complexity of your product/service, and how much data you’re able to provide – such as survey results, reviews, testimonials, etc.

You’re in a hurry, so let’s make this quick…

Here’s how it works


You book and pay for your day.


I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out.


We’ll get on a call – usually on the morning of our day, but sometimes I can schedule a call the day before. I’ll ask you any follow-up questions I have about your project.


On your day, I spend 8 hours working on your project an only your project. I’ll be in touch throughout the day with questions and updates.


At the end of the day, I send you your sparkling, conversion focused copy.

If you need more than one day, get in touch and we’ll schedule something.

Quick to recognize what will compel prospects

"When I needed a compelling video sales script written I was referred to Lisa. She was able to quickly understand the pains my new service would solve by thoroughly researching my prospects and market. The script focused on my clients and how they would benefit from my service - she nailed it. Get in touch with Lisa if you need a strategist who can get into the minds of your prospects, and execute with persuasive copy."

Liam Swords,

It’s time to stop the stress-inducing, money-losing worry of writing your copy

You don’t have time to lose. Get your conversion focused copy project completed in one day.

Book your one-day copywriting session now. I only have two of these days available every month.

You can choose one day, or two days if you have more copy that needs to be completed.


This is best for copy that’s already written but needs punching up, or smaller copy projects that you need from scratch.

$4995 USD

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This is best for more extensive from scratch copy projects such as a sales page or 2-3 web pages or ~10-12 emails.

$8995 USD

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Book your 1-day spot now:

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