"Of course I want to make more money. 

I'm just not comfortable selling."

Marketing yourself or your business can feel like you're selling your soul. So you end up not marketing at all...

And this doesn't help you grow your business, land more clients or make more money.

You know you have a strong offer, but when you try to write sales copy it just sounds so cheesy. So "salesy."

It's time to stop the excruciating, make-it-stop pain of "What the heck do I write?!"

It doesn't need to hurt. And you don't need to sell your soul to write sales copy.

Get Sell With Substance

You'll see the crucial elements to include in your copy AND how to use it. 

You CAN create deeper, more meaningful relationships with your clients and customers - and make money while you're doing it. Get your free copy.

And as a bonus you'll also get a 5 part copywriting mini-course.

Guide to Conversion Copywriting

7 ways to go deeper than shallow chit chat, so you can create more profitable relationships

  • Where you start before writing a word - See what's going on in your reader's head, so you know exactly what to say
  • What does it all mean? - Learn what to look for once your reasearch is complete - the perfect message is just waiting for you
  • Time to listen - You've heard the expression "You've got two ears and one mouth for a reason." Find out why this will help you reach your readers
  • Go for the feels - Now it's time to make a connection for a relationship built on trust
  • Make it beautiful - Find out what grabs the attention of your readers and provokes a response
  • Show the crystal ball - Help your reader see their future self - one that includes you in it
  • Goodbye to keep on keepin' on - Get your message noticed so they can't ignore you

Plus my bonus Sell with Substance 5 part copywriting mini-course