Need a pro conversion copywriter to review your website copy?

Your website is often the first interaction a prospect has with your business. You need to be positive your message resonates with your audience - so you can grab, hold and monetize the attention.

You’re pretty sure it’s a decent website, but you want to make sure it’s doing the work it’s supposed to... 

You may be wondering:

  • Is my headline grabbing the attention of my prospects?
  • Are the subheads guiding my readers down the page?
  • Does the body copy connect the dots so readers easily understand my offer? (Is it clear?)
  • Will my button copy compel readers to click?
  • Am I creating any friction for people to do business with me?
  • Does the copy answer my readers question of ‘what’s in it for me?' 
  • Is my website copy compelling enough to prevent readers from going to the 10 other tabs they have open RIGHT NOW?  

If you’re concerned your website copy isn’t pulling its weight for your business, I can help with my website review service. I’m a conversion copywriter trained to write copy that gets the YES from your prospects. 

Here’s what you get with your website review 

45 minute video review + transcript

You'll get a 45 minute video that walks you through your website. I'll evaluate your site and offer recommendations for your copy.

Recommendations report  

I'll provide you with a written recommendations report that includes specific copy suggestions to ensure your site is optimized for conversions.

30 minute follow-up call

Within 5 business days of receiving your report, we'll schedule a Zoom call. You can ask me any follow-up questions about your site based on the review.

You know the value your product or service provides...

But does your prospect?

As an entrepreneur you're often so close to your business that it's difficult to see things through the eyes of a new visitor. Your website copy may seem clear to you, but you've built your business from scratch. You know your business inside and out. Your website visitor doesn't have this advantage.

The copy on your website needs to be clear and compelling if you want your visitors to do what you want them to - whether that's opting in for your lead magnet, signing up for your free trial or booking a demo. If your copy doesn't connect the dots for them, they'll move on to someone else.

This is where I come in. 

I assess if the copy is matching the awareness level of your visitors and making it easy for them to do business with you. I look at everything from the headline to the messaging hierarchy to the button copy, and everything in between.

Once I complete the website review, you'll have specific copy suggestions and key recommendations to make sure your website copy is clear, compelling and optimized for conversions.

Don't leave money on the table with weak website copy. Get your website assessed, so you can be sure the copy is doing its job as your online salesperson.

How it works

Order your review, and I’ll forward a brief questionnaire about your business and customers. After I receive your completed questionnaire I get to work on your review and have it back to you within 5 business days.

The review is not a fill-in-the-blank template service with generic suggestions.Your website copy review is 100% customized for your website and business. I personally audit your site with specific feedback, so you can optimize conversions for your target audience. You even get to ask me follow-up questions on a Zoom call to make sure you're clear on next steps.

Order your website copy review now $797 USD 

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Website Review

Once you order and pay for your website copy review, you'll receive an email with a link to the questionnaire.

Pro Guidance for Your Website "I am a direct beneficiary of Lisa’s guidance and skill set. I will work with Lisa again and consider it a privilege to do so." Geoffrey X Lane