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Trust and Connections

Build Trust and Connections

Conversion copy and strategy at its best starts with heart, caring and understanding - about your readers (aka PEOPLE) and what your product or service can do to make their lives better. Emphasis is always on the people part, people. This will drive the actions you want - whether that’s buying, subscribing or signing-up. So you can grow your business and make more money.

Land That Business

Land That Business

You may be asking “but isn’t my super awesome product, or service enough to persuade people to hand over their hard earned cash?”

Nope. It’s not.

People don’t want to buy your product or your service. They want to buy the outcome your product or service provides. Will the outcome make them the envy of their neighborhood? A rock star at their job? Or the person they’ve always wanted to be, but didn’t know how?

To do this you need sales copy that gets inside the mind of your prospects and moves them emotionally. To make them feel like they can’t possibly live without you.

There’s no weird hocus pocus goin’ on here. No suggestive hypnosis or subliminal trickery.

Just solid research, listening, observing and strategizing. Then skillfully using the finest words that resonate with your customers.

This will help us understand where they are now, where we want them to go, and how we’ll get them there.

Now you’re ready to convert more readers

And I can help you. Help you make that emotional connection with your customers or clients - to touch their hearts and their minds. Funnybones too.

Just like I did for these awesome folks:

"I cannot state with enough conviction how integral Lisa’s leadership and direction was to the successful launch of our new service.

Given the nature of launching a new service and website, the complexity of the program and the complex structure involved, I would hate to think that I would have risked the outcome or not done everything possible to give our team the advantage.

Lisa is that advantage, thoughtful, experienced and very good at what she does!

If you are reading this, then you are more than likely evaluating your own needs to whatever pursuit lay ahead and wondering if you need a consultant and powerful copywriter. I am a direct beneficiary of Lisa’s guidance and skill set. Lisa is worth so much more than her fee reflects, truly. I will work with Lisa again and consider it a privilege to do so."

Geoffrey X Lane

"We were in need of the best copywriter out there – and we got lucky! Lisa was a pleasure to work with, and the results are outstanding. She quickly identified problems in our existing copy and provided perfectly laid-out landing pages, tailored to the precise need of our clients. 5 stars all the way!"

Markus Scharnowski, GoNitely
"I really like the style and humanity that’s permeating your emails." Andrea Nagar, PhraseExpander
"When I needed a compelling video sales script written I was referred to Lisa. She was able to quickly understand the pains my new service would solve by thoroughly researching my prospects and market. The script focused on my clients and how they would benefit from my service - she nailed it. Get in touch with Lisa if you need a strategist who can get into the minds of your prospects, and execute with persuasive copy." Liam Swords, Guardian Real Estate

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