Lisa Pierson of The Conversion Copywriter
Lisa Pierson of The Conversion Copywriter

You don’t want words on a page...


Hi. I’m Lisa Pierson: the conversion copywriter for established entrepreneurs, industry leaders and SMBs. I write clear, strategic copy that makes you more money. And I’ve got the results to prove it.

Lisa Pierson of The Conversion Copywriter

Copy so compelling...


Hi. I’m Lisa Pierson: the conversion copywriter for DTC and ecommerce brands. I write clear, strategic copy that makes you more money. And I’ve got the results to prove it.

My clients experience results like these:


6-figure increase in sales per month from an optimized
landing page.


An 18% increase in the clickthrough rate for an ecommerce presell page


A 200% improvement in email open rates for a promotional

These results are the reason industry experts and globally-recognized brands like these hire me again and again.​

A superior product and a catchy headline won’t help you sell more

That’s because it’s people who buy your product. And people are complicated. (understatement of the century!) People don’t usually browse, then decide to buy or not to buy.

So what do they do?

The truth is: people usually default to no decision at all.

Why? Because we’re busy. (Aren’t you busy?) We have approximately 8,743,444* decisions to make in a day… and it’s exhausting.

So when we encounter a product description page, an email or a landing page, and the copy makes it difficult to decide because of:

The amount of friction that exists is enough to light a fire. And nobody wants to make a decision when it’s going to be hard.

Here’s how I make it easy for your browsers to buy

1. Uncover what compels

Everything starts with your prospect or customer. When you understand what your prospect values and what they need to see in order feel certain, your product goes from “one of many” to “must-have.”

Copy That's More Than A Pretty Face

"Lisa is a gem to work with, and the copy she's written for us has not only been amazing, but it has also performed incredibly well literally every single time. Her understanding of how to use customer research to make copy resonate with the audience she's writing for is one the may reasons why trust her with our copy."

Raphael Paulin-Daigle

2. Structure your approach

It’s not just a matter of slapping together some images, a snappy headline and an add-to-cart button that will get people buying. It involves understanding how people make decisions and their psychology. And then carefully, and strategically, presenting your offer so it grabs and holds their attention.

3. Nail your copy

Pull readers in with multi-dimensional copy that’s relevant, specific and magnetic. And most importantly, copy that’s about them and how your product will make their lives better. They won’t buy, if they don’t believe.

Consistently writes winning copy that generates over $1 Million in revenue

"Lisa is our go-to copywriter for copy that generates qualified leads and nurtures into customers. Her copy consistently beats every control by 20%+. And her last sales page generated over $1 million in revenue."

Shane O'Quinn,

There are 4 ways we can work together:​

Audit – Copy Optimization

Have an ecommerce email sequence, landing page, product page, full or partial funnel or something else that isn’t performing as well as you’d like? A copy audit may be just the ticket you need to make sure your copy converts. 

Project – Customized Conversion Copy

Choose this option if you need ecommerce conversion copy expertise for a specific project or funnel. If you want to sell more of your product or program, let’s get it right with a customized approach. 

Retainer – Conversion Copy Program

If you need ongoing conversion copy expertise for a variety of projects, a retainer may be your best option. Availability for this option is very limited.

Coaching – Optimize Copy Skills

This option is perfect for you and your organization if you have marketers who write your copy, or for junior to intermediate copywriters on your team. I work 1:1 (and in groups) with your team members to help them improve their skills, and ultimately, increase your sales. Team workshops are also available. 

If you want words that sell, get in touch.

If you want words that sell, get in touch.

Conversion Copy That Hooks Your Readers

"Lisa was able to very quickly write in a way that felt authentic to who we are. She took the time to heavily research our customer, products and brand before every project. She was adherent to deadlines... I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a copywriter that is able to write in your brand's voice while also driving conversions.”

Jeremy Ethier
Built With Science

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